Canzonets, or, Little short songs to foure voyces

beteiligte Personen: Anerio, Felice, ca. 1560-1614, [composer] • Bassano, Giovanni, fl. 1585-1615, [composer] • Croce, Giovanni, ca. 1557-1609, [composer] • Morley, Thomas, 1557-1603?, [composer and editor] • Vecchi, Orazio, 1550-1605, [composer] • Viadana, Lodovico da, ca. 1560-1627, [composer] • Short, Peter, d. 1603, [printer] • Tapsfield, Henry, [dedicatee]
Verfasserangabe: celected out of the best and approved Italian authors by Thomas Morley, gent. of her Majesties Chappell.
veröffentlicht: Imprinted at London : by Peter Short, dwelling on Bredstreet hill at the signe of the Star & are there to be sold, 1597.
Umfang: 4 part books (1 v.) ; (23 x 17 cm (4to))
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