A statement of the internal duties payable in Great Britain on the following articles of the growth, produce, or manufacture thereof, and of the duties on the materials of which the said articles are composed, viz. beer, bricks and tiles, candles, chocolate, cocoa paste and cocoa, cordage, cyder and perry, glass, hops, leather unmanufactured and manufactured, mead or metheglin, paper and books, printed goods, salt, silk, soap, spirits, starch and hair powder, sugar, sweets, tobacco and snuff, verjuice and vinegar, and wire; together with a statement of the rates of duty on importation of such articles which would be sufficient (as far as the same can be estimated) to countervail such internal duty or duties on the materials, specifying the grounds on which such estimate is computed. 28th April 1800

Körperschaft: Great Britain, Parliament
Einheitssachtitel: Proceedings. 1800-04-28
Medientyp: Buch, E-Book
veröffentlicht: [London] : s.n, 1800
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