Les versus de Venance Fortunat pour la procession du Samedi-saint à Notre-Dame de Paris

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Details: <p>Venantius Fortunatus, bishop of Poitiers at the end of the sixth century, is known as the author of an important corpus of liturgical poetry. His poems include several hymns to the Cross, because relics of it were kept at the monastery founded by St Radegonde in Poitiers. He also composed many examples of the versus (hymn with refrain) for the cathedral of Paris (then dedicated to St Stephen, now Notre-Dame), under the bishop St Germain. Of these hymns, the most important were those sung during the procession of the neophytes from the baptistry to the choir of the cathedral at the end of the Easter vigil. The Easter hymn Tibi laus perennis auctor was sung at the cathedral until the sixteenth century.</p>
ISSN: 0035-1601