On a Roman Polychoral Performance in August 1665

Verfasser / Komponist: Grampp, Florian Bassani
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Publikationsangaben: Oxford University Press
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Details: <p>Issues of the history, repertory and performance practice of 17th-century Roman polychoral music still confront the researcher with many questions, especially because almost no musical sources can be found to match the performances for six, eight, ten or twelve choirs reported in numerous documents. However, one particular performance, the festal music for the patron saint's day at the French Church San Luigi in 1665, presents a fortunate case, since not only have the list of performers and the name of the maestro di cappella been recorded, but even an engraving of the setting for the event has survived. In addition, the original architectural structure of the church remains, despite minor alterations. With these propitious starting-points, some very interesting insights can be gained, ranging from the patron and the political background of the event, to the maestro di cappella in charge of the music, the disposition of the choirs inside the church, the number and likely division of the performers, and the size and height of the choir balconies. All this enables us to draw conclusions concerning the repertory and musical organization. In short, a lucky survival in the historical records helps to shed light on a little-known, though highly fascinating, aspect of sacred music in seicento Rome.</p>
ISSN: 0306-1078