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APA Zitierstil
Handel, G. F., & John Gay (. (1718). Acis and Galatea.
ISBD Zitierstil
Handel, George Frideric:
Acis and Galatea. 1718.
Number of Movements/Sections: 2 acts *;Act I :1. Overture :2. Chorus: Oh the pleasure of the plains (Shepherds, Nymphs) :3. Recitative and Aria (Galatea) ::a. Recitative: Ye verdant plains ::b. Aria: Hush, hush, ye pretty warbling quire :4. Aria: Where shall I seek the charming fair (Acis) :5. Recitative and Aria (Damon) ::a. Recitative: Stay, shepherd, stay ::b. Aria: Shepherd, what art thou pursuing :6. Recitative and Aria (Acis) ::a. Recitative: Lo! here my love ::b. Aria: Love in her eyes sits playing :7. Recitative and Aria (Galatea) ::a. Recitative: Oh! didst thou know the pains ::b. Aria: As when the dove :8. Duet: Happy we (Acis, Galatea) :9. Chorus: Happy we (Shepherds, Nymphs) *;Act II :10. Chorus: Wretched lovers (Shepherds, Nymphs) :11. Recitative: I rage, I melt (Polyphemus) :12. Aria: O ruddier than the cherry (Polyphemus) :13. Recitative: Whither, fairest, art thou running (Polyphemus) :14. Aria: Cease to beauty to be suing (Polyphemus) :15. Aria: Would you gain the tender creature (Damon) :16. Recitative and Aria (Acis) ::a. Recitative: His hideous love provokes my rage ::b. Aria: Love sounds th'alarm :17. Aria: Consider, fond shepherd (Damon) :18. Recitative: Cease, oh cease, thou gentle youth (Galatea) :19. Trio: The flocks shall leave the mountains (Galatea, Acis, Polyphemus) :20. Recitative: Help, Galatea (Acis) :21. Chorus: Mourn, all ye muses (Shepherds, Nymphs) :22. Solo with Chorus: Must I my Acis still bemoan (Galatea, Shepherds, Nymphs) :23. Recitative and Aria (Galatea) ::a. Recitative: Tis done, thus I exert my pow'r divine ::b. Aria: Heart, the seat of soft delight :24. Chorus: Galatea, dry thy tears (Shepherds, Nymphs).
MLA Zitierstil
Handel, George Frideric, and John Gay (. Acis and Galatea.1718.
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