Fußnoten: Number of Movements/Sections: 3 parts (acts): ;*Part I :1. Overture :2. Recitative: 'Tis nobler far (tenor, bass) :3. Aria: Pluck root and branch (bass) :4. Recitative: Our souls with ardour glow (tenor) :5. Chorus: Shall we the God of Israel fear? (Persians) :6. Recitative: Now persecution (tenor) :7. Aria: Tune your harps (tenor) :8. Chorus: Shall we of servitude complain :9. Aria: Praise the Lord (soprano) :10. Recitative: O God, who from the suckling's mouth (tenor) :11. Aria: Sing sons of praise (tenor) :12. Recitative: How have our sins (alto) :13. Recitative: Methings I hear (alto) :14. Chorus: Ye sons of Israel, mourn :15. Aria: O Jordan, sacred tide (alto) ;*Part II :16. Recitative: Why sits that sorrow? (soprano, tenor) :17. Aria: Dread not, righteous Queen (tenor) :18. Recitative: I go before the King (soprano) :19. Aria: Tears, assist me (soprano) :20. Chorus: Save us, O Lord :21. Recitative: Who dares intrude (tenor, soprano) :22. Duet: Who calls my parting soul (soprano, tenor) :23. Aria: O beauteous Queen (tenor) :24. Recitative: If I find favor (soprano) :25. Aria: How can I stay (tenor) :26. Recitative: With inward joy (2 tenors) :27. Chorus: Virtue, truth, and innocence ;*Part III :28. Invocation: Jehovah crowned (alto) :29. Chorus: He comes to end our woes :30. Recitative: Now, O Queen (soprano, tenor) :31. Recitative: Turn not, O Queen (bass) :32. Aria: Flattering tongue, no more I hear thee :33. Recitative: Guards, seize the traitor (tenor) :34. Aria: How art thou fall'n (bass) :35. Chorus with Soloists: The Lord our enemy has slain